Are you ready to SOAR in 2015?

You are invited to become a member of a small, intimate, select group of women entrepreneurs in Joy Chudacoff's exclusive Smart Women SOAR Elite™ program designed specifically for the woman who's been in business at least two years and is ready to achieve more - more success in business, more income, more profit and more freedom to enjoy your success while making a real difference in the world. If you are ready to soar at a highly accelerated pace, keep reading!

This is an exclusive opportunity to strategize your business path and personal journey with Joy Chudacoff both in a small, intimate community of like-minded women and you'll also have a generous amount of personal, private time with Joy.

What would it feel like to claim your own personal brand of power and build a profitable business working with clients you LOVE? What would it feel like to be completely supported by a real-life mentor who cares about your success? What if you had the exact steps to create consistent cash flow and enjoy a freedom based business and lifestyle? Joy will take you by the hand and show you how to create a consistent six figure income while working flexible hours, take up to 8 weeks vacation per year and still have quality time for family and self-care.

Imagine THIS is YOUR Business

You walk into your office in the morning excited for a day of supporting your ideal client in work you LOVE doing.

You have new prospects contacting you because they have a desire to work with you. They've heard that you are an expert in your industry.

Your marketing systems are in place. They are working for you like a well-oiled machine.

Your clients are raving about you and can't wait to refer others to work with you.

You have a team in place to support you in handling all the details so you are free to do what you most love to do: making a difference in people's lives.

At the same time, you're generating more money than ever before. And best of all, the income is consistent, month after month.

This allows you the freedom to do work you love in less time and spend quality time taking care of yourself and enjoying the people you love to be with. You are more confident, clear and focused than ever before. Your creativity is soaring and you are finally doing the work you were meant to be doing. You wake each day with a feeling of abundance and gratitude.

Sounds amazing, right?

You've just seen what an ideal business can be and because you're reading this right now, I already know this is what you want for yourself.

But I also know …

You’re not fully convinced this is POSSIBLE FOR YOU. There's something that is making you believe this is NOT possible for YOU because of several things:

1. You're missing the SPECIFIC how-to details and personal guidance you need.
2. Even though you know SOME of this information, you haven't had it presented to you in a step-by-step process that's easy to implement.
3. You're inconsistent with your efforts and don't have enough systems in place.
4. You're not delegating enough, so you're overwhelmed and never able to truly FOCUS on the Big Vision for your business.
5. You get in your own way most of the time because of the negative messages you tell yourself and the invisible fear that gets in your way.
6. You sometimes self-sabotage or procrastinate on doing what it takes to get the results you dream about.
7. There's a part of you that doesn't believe you can be REALLY Successful.

Is this You?

How do I know ALL THIS about you?

Because, you're like me. I've been there myself.

I've also been supporting women entrepreneurs for 10 years so I've seen it all.


Photo of Bibi GoldsteinThe most tangible result has been the continued growth of my revenue, after going out on my own within a year I grew my revenue to over $200K and by more than 80% from the previous year.

"Joy gives me so much more than business coaching. I have countless examples over the past 5 years where I have literally been in my own way, paralyzed by fear of failure, focused on the wrong things with my business. There’s something so special about the way that Joy can take any situation and get me focused and calm first, then really dig in to dissect it so each piece is clear and more importantly feels do-able. If you know Joy, she never goes anywhere without her colored markers which she uses to outline both our thoughts and visually see what I need to focus on. I could wallpaper my entire office with those outlines. As a result of my work with Joy, I have been able to step into being a solo business owner and increase my service offerings without increasing cost. The most tangible result has been the continued growth of my revenue, after going out on my own within a year I grew my revenue to over $200K and by more than 80% from the previous year."

—Bibi Goldstein,


Photo of Debbie SavianoI am where I am in my Business thanks to being in SOAR with Joy as my Coach and the members of the mastermind group

"This past year, has been my most Successful Year ever! You can have Passion - Heart - Enthusiasm but without Coaching and the Support -Knowledge -Accountability of a Mastermind group, I am not sure You can reach Your goals. It takes Investment and Commitment! Can you think of any Successful Athlete who does not have a Coach and Team Support? I know without a doubt, I am where I am in my Business thanks to being in SOAR with Joy as my Coach and the members of the mastermind group. I liken it to Your own individual Think Tank! My desire to be Successful and Make a Difference in the World requires Investment and to me that is Crucial for Success! ROI includes: 1st Live Event - Increased Clients by 30%- Speaking Engagements by 45% - Created 1st Products - Solid Business Direction and Focus - 100%! Excited for 2014!"

—Debbie Saviano, Speaker, Motivator, and Trainer With a Passion For LinkedIn,


Photo of Cathy AlessandraJoy, you are an amazing inspirational leader...

"Let me just say, our SOAR Retreat was amazing! There is something UBER-POWERFUL about committed women coming together to support one another! Joy - you are an amazing inspirational leader whose commitment to us is nothing less than awesome! Ladies - the safe, nurturing, like-minded environment we share can help us SOAR to our wildest dreams! Thanks everyone for the incredible support!"

—Cathy Alessandra, Founder and President, Todays Innovative Woman,


Photo of Jessica MaesJoy has offered me the guidance and direction I needed...

"Before I worked with Joy in the SOAR Mastermind, I was a Spanish teacher personally running Spanish programs for preschools and elementary schools, as well as my home. This year I have tripled my income and developed a specific plan for my business. Joy has offered me the guidance and direction I needed to accomplish my goals. Joy is a brilliant coach with many years of experience in marketing, communication and business. She is an amazing role model who believes in her clients and helps give you the confidence you need to believe the sky is the limit."

—Maria Ure, Spanish In Action,

There was a time in my business when I didn't have enough clients, income was inconsistent and I didn't have any systems in place at all. I worked "8 to faint" every day trying to figure out what marketing would work for me so I could feel like I was "thriving" and not just "surviving" in business.

I used to sit with my head down on my desk, sometimes crying over my computer from exhaustion, confusion and frustration.

And then one day, I made a decision...

I decided I had something valuable to offer women entrepreneurs. I made it my mission to create a process for myself that I could do day after day, week after week, year after year so I wouldn't ever have to go through this miserable time again. I created a proven system that not only generates consistent income and ideal clients month after month, but also keeps my mindset positive and full of possibility and creative thinking.

And best of all, I have a STRONG desire to share it with YOU

I'm going to share EVERYTHING I've learned that took me from barely "surviving" to wildly "thriving" over the last few years in my exclusive program...

     Set yourself up for success
     Open your mind to new possibilities
     Achieve dramatic, measurable growth
     Reward yourself with remarkable results

You will enjoy a transformational year with me where I will take you and a small, intimate, select group of like-minded women by the hand and walk with you to:

* Unearth yourself from the daily details of your work, step back and look at the BIG picture - your business and your life

* Clear the decks and get focused on how to move your business forward effectively

* Learn the most important qualities that women entrepreneurs need to succeed more than ever

* Discover where you "Sparkle" in your work through my signature process. Hint: Once you know this, everything magically falls into place

* Create a step-by-step approach on exactly what you need to do to attract your ideal client

* How to get real CLARITY on prioritizing the ideas you have - so you get results instead of just more ideas!

* Identify what motivates you, drives you and how to use it to fuel your success every day

* Create systems for everything in your business

* Learn what needs to be delegated in your business so you can focus on doing the work you LOVE and continue to refine the BIG Vision

* Discover how to work Smarter not Harder in your business

* Learn the secrets to having cash in your business - it's not what you make but how much you keep (Profit is the Queen!)

* Create a fool-proof system to stay out of busy syndrome and stay in productive each and every day (I've got a proven system I use to organize my day for success both personally and professionally.)

* Get crystal clear on your INNER game of success (all that stuff that goes on inside your mind - self-doubt, fears, lack of money talk - the stuff that keeps you from being the brilliant, confident wise woman you are)

* Stay grounded in who you are as a woman entrepreneur, never compromising your values and enjoy your own brand of success

This exclusive program is limited to a small group
of like-minded and motivated women entrepreneurs who are
ready for high touch and personal coaching, desire dramatic
and measurable growth both personally and professionally and
know they want to make 2015 the year they take the leap.

You will enjoy:

*3 LIVE Private Retreats

These carefully designed two and one half day retreats feature in-depth business success training as well as structured masterminding. You will receive personal on the spot coaching with me as well as a burst of brilliance from wise, like-minded group members. At each retreat, you will have the opportunity to "spotlight" your business and you are guaranteed to have breakthroughs during these sessions. The retreats will be in Southern California at a peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating location.

Breakfast and lunch is included during the retreats, as well as a celebration dinner to honor your accomplishments and renewed vision.

*8 Private One-Hour Strategy Phone Calls With Me

You will enjoy 8 monthly calls where I will review your action plan, ask questions and make sure you are on track and gaining momentum with your goals.

*10 Quarterly Group Calls

You will meet on the phone as a group with me for a specific theme so your energy and intention is moving in a direction that gets results for your business. There will be time on each call for Q&A as well.

I'm intentionally keeping the group small and intimate so the call themes can unfold "organically" and allow you to receive exactly what you need rather than a "prescription" for the masses.

Over the course of the year Joy will share training with you based on the 5 modules that she feels are essential for business success.

Joy's training will also include a deep dive into the Marketing Recipe For Success, which she continues to use to grow and expand her business.

MP3's of all calls will be available for download.

*A Private Online Facebook Group

You'll be able to connect, network and get bursts of timely brilliance from other members of the group.



Relax and learn in a peaceful setting with an amazing group
of women who will soon become your best friends
and biggest supporters.


Photo of Anne HancockIn 180 days I managed to create an S Corp, bring on an associate, launch a new website, restructure fees and services and...

"Working with Joy Chudacoff has been a wonderful adventure! I’ve considered Joy a friend for many years and, when I called her one day -- out of the blue, I told her I loved my work, my services were in demand and my client roster was full, however I wanted to scale my business more and create an online brand. While working with Joy I found out she is not a taskmaster. Instead, she works from an inquisitive and heart-centered place. Joy always invited me to see things from a different perspective and our bi-weekly meetings kept me focused and accountable. When I think about it, the results are remarkable. In 180 days I managed to create an S Corp, bring on an associate, launch a new website, restructure fees and services and design new products. I’m happy to continue working with Joy in 2013 and would recommend her to any professional who’s serious about taking their practice to the next level."

—Anne Hancock, PsyD, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

You Deserve to Invest in Yourself
and the Future of your Business!


Contact us for an application and to schedule your private, personal call with Joy if you're ready to SOAR!





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